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Welcome to LunchBoxx.Recipes website, Its a entry level to the world of food recipes. Its created by myself Bhuvana Vishwanath. Here you can find new and exclusive food recipe menus which is easy to cook and the taste will be mouthwatering.

Do check the recipes and give a try, If u liked it do share ur comments in the page. If not share ur feedback so that those will be retuned.

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Author of LunchBoxx Recipes – Bhuvana Vishwanath




Bhuvana Vishwanath – Daughter / Friend / Lover / Wife and a wonderful Mother to a son.

Completed my Fashion designing and married my man Vishwanath Rajasekaran with loads of love and got into the world of Family of love and affection.

I gave birth to a prince charm Master.Aathreya Vishwanath.

After a long gap thought to start as an entrepreneur. With my family’s love and my better half support started this blog with my own recipes. All are well tried on my hubby (He didnot get any side Effects)… Nambi Sapidalam… 😀 😀

This is for an introduction, Will share many more experiences which made me to write this blog.

Stay tuned, Lots of love.


With Love,

Bhuvana Vishwanath…


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Aloo Chana Sabzi

Potatoes and Chana are my favorite one..So think about this dish, it is my absolute favorite one. This has some unusual flavours going through it. I think its from the amchoor and kasuri methi leaves.. This has a absolute northindian flavour to it.. Hope you like it and let me know what you think.. Ingredients … Continue reading Aloo Chana Sabzi

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